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Early in her career, she discovers her passion for photography and later she enrolled in Advanced Studies School Armando Reverón (Caracas) and Rafael Monasterios School of Visual Arts (Maracay).
She participates as a new artist in art exhibitions and biennials throughout Venezuela and part of her professional development is accomplished managing itinerant exhibitions through all her country and as a freelance designer for outdoor advertising, graphic and textile design for several companies.
 Since 2006 she lives in Barcelona (Spain), and in 2009 she became Senior Creative in textile graphic design, web design, corporate design, and photographer for the companies dedicated to climbing sports. She also worked as several artist´s photographic support and helps them in their projects as a photographer and graphic designer. At present, she studies Art History and is involved as a teacher in Barcelona city for photography workshops.


Photography Space Francesc Català Roca

Barcelona, España

MARCH - MAY 2018

Eurostars Hoteles  BcnDesign

Barcelona, España

MARCH - MAY 2018

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